How to play Harvest Moon game from PlayStation 1 era in your PC

This post is so random I know but last week, I hit a typical gamer’s problem. I have nothing to play. Which is a terrifying prospect because I always have something to play, whether FIFA or FM or anything else. So what I did is to find the really old games I enjoyed playing since from PlayStation 1 era and play on my PC.

One of my favorite games, from PS1, is Harvest Moon: Back to Nature. It is relatively simple game where you can grow your farm, get money, harvest and live like a farmer, almost like FarmVille or SIM but I like it very much that I am trying to replay this after 15 years. (It was created in 2000- seemed like a long time ago!)
So if you are like me, looking for a way to play, here is how to do it:
  1. Download Emulator, Emulator is like a piece of software that allows you to play any older system games on your PC. The best Emulator out there is EPSXE:
  2. And then, once installed, which is fairly straight-forward, you can download Harvest Moon: back to Nature CD-ROM/ISO from here:[U]/36989
  3. After that, you open this ISO from your emulator and then boom, it is done!
The glory of the game on PC itself:
PS: before I forget, if you plan to play this game with any controller, you can do it so too. All you have to do is to do controller mapping inside EPSXE and you are good to go (I googled it for you!)

Have fun!


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