My Experience with Georgia Tech OMSA Program Part-3

This post is part of the series that I am writing to reflect on my experiences with the OMSA program.

Part 1 can be found here and Part 2 can be found here.

Woah. I didn’t realize it has been a year since I have updated this series. I will start writing again as I hope these can be useful for your OMSA journey.

MGT 8803 (No Review)

I am lucky enough to get an opt-out for MGT 8803 which is considered as one of the hardest courses in the program, in terms of requiring a sheer effort to study. I managed to get an opt-out because my undergraduate courses are in business, finance and marketing.

MGT 6311 Review

MGT 6311 is a Business course, and it is a course for Digital Marketing. I took this course in Summer term and it introduced a lot of concepts about Digital Marketing and case study discussions. I enjoyed this course because I do Digital Marketing in my daily job and it helped me to solidify my knowledge about various aspects of Digital Marketing. Another good thing about this course is that the instructor released all content (videos, assignments) from the beginning of the course, so if you can dedicate some amount of time, you can complete this course in a short period of time. There is an exam but it’s multiple-choice and it is not too hard to pass if you remembered the concepts well.

I would give a rating of

  • 5/5 for the materials (The textbook is provided for free, you will need to purchase case studies, but they don’t cost a lot)
  • 4/5 for the delivery
  • 2/5 for the effort (I spent quite a lot of time in the beginning to finish everything but it is easy going once you are done with most assignments / case discussions)

ISYE 6644 Review

This course is taught by Professor Dave Goldsman and it is about Simulation and Modeling for Engineering and Science. Not sure about other people but I remember this course as very heavy in mathematics and statistics. My recommendation is to take this course from Undergraduate class (taught by same professor) before attending ISYE 6644 class. Professor Goldsman is very good at delivery and engaging in content. I however would like to get more lessons and homeworks related to Simulation software (they use Arena software). One note about the Arena software is that you will need to use a Windows machine. So if you’re using Macbook, you will need to install a Bootcamp just to run this software. There’s a course project but it is pretty flexible and you can pick and choose any type of project to run simulation.

I would give a rating of

  • 3/5 for the materials (The materials are very heavy in maths notations and it will be helpful to have more content in explaining these)
  • 5/5 for the delivery
  • 5/5 for the effort (You will have to considerably spend a lot of time re-learning Mathematics if you come from different background like me)

MGT 8813 Review

This class is Financial Modelling in Excel. It is a Business elective course. I enjoyed this course because I can learn more about Financial concepts and Modelling by using Excel. The instructions are very clear and the assignments are enjoyable as well. You will also need to do cases with your group mates but they are not super challenging to go through these.

I would give a rating of

  • 4/5 for the materials
  • 5/5 for the delivery
  • 3/5 for effort (You will have to spend more time doing cases with your group mates if you are based in different time zones but you might not have to spend a lot of effort if you are good in Excel)

I will come back with another update to keep this series going! Back to studies.

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