Tender in Myanmar

A tender is in process to construct a government building in Myanmar.

A Chinese proposal came in. Cost $2mil. $1mil for labor, $1mil for materials. Gov officials say OK, we will keep in touch.

A Japanese proposal came in. Cost $4mil due to high quality materials and better labor. Gov officials scratch heads and whisper among themselves “too expensive”

A local (Burmese) proposal came in. Cost $6mil! Whole board get shocked and called the guy to come in and explain the reasoning. The guy came in, closed the door and offered these terms. “Well, I am never building that building anyway so I’m going to outsource it to Chinese guy to build it. There goes $2mil. And I’ll kick back $2mil for you guys for your help in securing this project for me. I’ll keep merely just $2mil for me. How does that sound?”

Tender closed. Government announced to award the project to Burmese guy “to support local businesses”.

The end.

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